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12 February 2017 @ 01:40 pm

Name: Behind the Glass
Genre: mystery, a bit of comedy
Pairing: JaeSu
Summary: The person behind the mirror is not the one Junsu is used seeing.
Note: This is after a year my another post. If there is someone still reading my LJ or following me, please let me know how you like this. I am forever trying to get back to writing :D

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12 December 2014 @ 12:30 pm

This giveaway was opened on 12th December 2014 and the deadline was 20th December 2014. In this giveaway Cassies could win a full HoMin novel book set that was written by my in English.
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20 August 2014 @ 03:03 pm
Inputs made by: Foodie, Nikita, Kanch, Joy, May and Annisa.
Inputs-words: baboboy, tired, hungry, headache, prodigious, teeth.
Inputs-sentences: U know U got it; Boojae! Get your ass here and help me!!; Hey why are you so handsome; this pan will surely love my boojae, don´t you think?; hot master chef; the present is delicious; Will my child be loveable too?; This would happened if umma is not around.
28 April 2014 @ 07:10 pm

For chapter 2 I asked for 20 inputs :) But I got only 14 inputs and since no one joined in I decided to stop the inputting and write the chapter :) I added the remaining 6 inputs by visiting this page :) You can see the screen caption at the end of this chapter.

Inputs by: Milla, May, Appi, Jepoy, Koviljka, Paulina, Joy, Juri, Mimi and Annisa.
Inputs - words: depression, bra.
Inputs - sentences/more words: climb the tree, he didn´t give us many details, I am god and you are my minions... muhahahahaha, Hyung I will just give you a slice of my cake, Gosh he loved that ass, no one beside, feel my heartbeat, experimental evidence, Hyung you looked beautiful with that wig and make up!, Here is the rest of us, deadly glare, happy and healthy.
Inputs - generated words: perch, string, tail, scorpion, duck, sword.

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03 April 2014 @ 11:09 am

I asked for 20 inputs but there were 21 inputs so I took them all :)
Inputs made by: Allyson, Milla, Appi, Eqin, Jepoy, May, Joy, Jean Pauline, Nida, Jasmin, Annisa, BT´Pui and Paulina.
Inputs: words: syllogism, floor cloth, snake´s skin, queen, three days, arthritis, microchip, Yoochunnie!, lovebird, greasy, burn.
Inputs: more-words: Junsu´s English vocabulary, one in a million, something to cover his forehead, AJAKJSDNSKDJLA..BAMBAAYYYYYAAAAAA!!!....., suri suri masuri susuri saba, a hat with pink plastic flower on it.
Inputs: sentences: Everything´s expensive. Can´t I just make a cake myself?; You want´ me, I want you!; I am done trying to make this evening magical.; A framed picture of Yoochun´s forehead with TVXQ´s SD on it.

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17 March 2014 @ 02:58 pm

For the Prologue I asked for 15 inputs :)
Inputs by: Juri, Jepoy, AJ, Allyson, Joy, Eqin, May, Jepoy and Milla
Inputs: No way out, torn me apart, puffy cheeks, wide, forehead, bromance, argue, mike, eye catching, melody and harmony, Will you eat lunch with me?, self assure, hug Changmin, the art of being cute, scratched guitar.

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17 March 2014 @ 02:47 pm

Someone called me a "writing challenge maniac" a long time ago. Do you think I am such a maniac? I am going to put myself into another writing challenge so maybe that person was right. After writing 20 "Give Me 10 Words" stories on Facebook I decided to take another challenge! I am going to put the GM10W game to a little bit higher level by writing a chaptered fanfiction in the same way :) That doesn´t mean I will end with writing GM10W! It will be just another fun for you and me :)

Why am I going to take this challenge?
1. My readers (and myself) think the GM10W stories are rushed - it is because I can write a story that is maximum A4 long (FB makes every larger picture blurry). Livejournal doesn´t have this problem so I can write longer stories :)
2. I am going to be busy with my finals soon (stressed as hell too) and I think I will be glad to have something different to do in the meantime (different than reading school books and studying).
3. It was suggested by my lovely fellow Cassies May and Joy and I think the idea is perfect so why not to give it a try?

How are we going to do it?
Before every chapter, I will make a post on Facebook asking you for words or short sentences and I will be using the first 10-20 inputs for my story. I won´t write the story beforehand! The storyline will be made according to the words/sentences you will give me. I will try to write the chapter in a week and put it here (no sharing on Facebook, Facebook will be only a way for you to make the inputs).
I will really appreciate any feedback (comments) here on Livejournal. It is nice that you comment on Facebook but the posts get lost easily there and I do want to have all the feedback on one place only.

What is "input"?
The words or sentences you will give me, I call them "inputs". All the inputs must be written in CAPITAL LETTERS so I can see them easily. I will give you credits for the inputs in each chapter as always :)
The deadline for inputting will be always given on the post or I will simply wait until we will reach the no. of inputs needed. The main thing will be your interest in this :)

I do not know how long is this fanfiction going to be (how many chapters). Nor do I know the length of each chapter. Since 10 inputs are usually one A4, 20 inputs are 2xA4. Thus the chapters might be short for a chaptered fanfiction but there is no need for me to rush the story because of the format needed for uploading photos on Facebook (when the pic is large, FB makes it blurred).

I decided to write this fanfiction with one main topic: YOOCHUN´S BIRTHDAY.
You do not have to make your inputs with words like "cake", "candles", "gifts" and so on because these are normal parts of every B-Day party. Try to think about some devilish words all the way. Because you are the one writing the story with me!

- I am going to include all members into the story so if you do not like the idea, do not join in.
- The inputs can be made via Facebook only and on the posts I am going to share. I will share the post on: WBC group (World Bigeast Cassiopeia) wall and on my own wall as well.
27 February 2014 @ 05:12 pm
When your soul is broken what you need is not a glue to make it right, what you need is love
Pairing: YunJae
Genre: angst, romance

„I wanted to thank you… for taking care of me… and such,” Jaejoong said in a low voice when they were sitting next to each other in the living room.
“You are welcome.”
“The shirt is clean. I don´t need it anymore but thank you for it.” Jaejoong pointed to the bag that Yunho put on the table before. Jaejoong was glad he found it to use it as an excuse to meet him again.
“I gave it to you so you have to keep it,” Yunho shifted the bag to Jaejoong.
“I think you need it more now,” Jaejoong smiled shyly. Yunho was still wearing a bathrobe only. He was feeling a bit cold but his heart was warm under the smile Jaejoong gave him. That was just as he imagined him smiling. So bright, so warm.
“I was in the shower when you came… I thought we will never see each other again.”
“Me too,” Jaejoong nodded and moved the bag in front of Yunho. “Take it.”Read more...Collapse )