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12 February 2017 @ 01:40 pm
Behind the Glass  

Name: Behind the Glass
Genre: mystery, a bit of comedy
Pairing: JaeSu
Summary: The person behind the mirror is not the one Junsu is used seeing.
Note: This is after a year my another post. If there is someone still reading my LJ or following me, please let me know how you like this. I am forever trying to get back to writing :D

Junsu woke up and stretched his arms in the air. One day off was ahead of him and he was just so happy only thinking about it. Hours of free time. He could lie on the bed all day long, hang around with friends or try to write a new song. What will the day brings? No one knew…

But as soon as he opened his eyes he knew there was something wrong. Very wrong. The ceiling was strange. It didn´t take him long to realize it is not the ceiling in his room. He sat up and scanned the room.

,,Why the hell am I in Jaejoong´s room?!”

He was having a late dinner and some drinks with his friends the day before. But Junsu was sure he wasn´t drinking that much to lose control over his actions. How could he end up in Jaejoong´s room then?

,,It must be some kind of joke,” he thought to himself. ,,I am not going to swallow the bait.” He got up from bed and suddenly froze in movement. ,,Who… who changed my clothes? That´s… not my pajamas!” He was wearing some kind of silky long-sleeved PJs, not his cute bunny ones!

,,Jae, breakfast is ready!” someone knocked on the door. Junsu jumped in surprise at the voice of Jaejoong´s mother. He looked around, but did not see Jaejoong anywhere. "Maybe I truly drank too much and Jae took me to his home to look after me.. and now Jae is probably in the bathroom not able to hear his mum."

Junsu got off the bed and opened the door to tell the kind woman that they will be downstairs in a moment. And to apologize for the troubles he might have caused last night. But when he faced the woman, all the worlds just did not find their way to his tongue.

She smiled at him. ,,You surely took your time today. It´s already ten! Your breakfast is ready. Come down when you change your clothes.” She wasn´t surprised at all that the one who opened the door was Junsu and not her son.

Junsu bowed his head slightly to apologize. He thought Jaejoong´s mum must be angry with him for staying over. When she left he closed the door again. "I still don´t think I drank that much... my head does not hurt at all. But I do not remember how I ended up here..."

He did not even find any of his clothes in the room which was even more strange. "How the hell did I got here? Naked?!" He was not keen on going downstairs in borrowed PJs so he rufled through Jaejoong´s wardrobe to find some jeans that might fit him and a shirt that was not overly revealing his chest. "Hyung should really revise his image..."

Junsu reached for the doorknob to the bathroom. "Jae, breakfast is ready! I am going to borrow some of your clothes beca-" Junsu froze. The bathroom was empty. "Maybe Jae already left earlier?" He turned to face the mirror and got the biggest shock of the week.

,,What are you doing?!” he yelled at Jaejoong. ,,You know I hate this kind of jokes!” Placing the clothes next to the basin Junsu looked at Jaejoong again. ,,Why aren´t you answering me?”

Junsu gave him a long gaze. When he moved closer to Jaejoong he was once again struck with fear. Jaejoong was repeating his movements with 100% preciseness. Something was odd. Junsu reached to touch his mate, but instead of grabbing his sleeve his fingers ended up touching the mirror. He tried several times, but each try ended up the same. His fingers only met with the mirror.

,,What the f-” gasped Junsu. ,,How… When…” He quickly examined his face, his hair, his chest. It wasn´t his. Everything he was touching was Jaejoong´s!

,,What´s going on?” Junsu sat down on the cold tiles, wrapping arms around Jaejoong´s knees and pulling them nearer to his chest. Tears started to appear in his eyes.

,,Jae, are you OK? Are you coming to eat your breakfast?”

The voice echoed through Junsu.
,,Jaejoong… She is calling Jaejoong… I am in his body… Am I… Jaejoong?”

,,I am not hungry!” he answered loudly enough so Jaejoong´s mother will hear him. But as soon as he heard the voice a chill run across his back. It wasn´t his voice. It was Jaejoong´s!

Silent scream ripped his mind: ,,Someone help me!”