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28 April 2014 @ 07:10 pm
HB Y-ah! - 02. chapter - Changmin´s hunt  

For chapter 2 I asked for 20 inputs :) But I got only 14 inputs and since no one joined in I decided to stop the inputting and write the chapter :) I added the remaining 6 inputs by visiting this page :) You can see the screen caption at the end of this chapter.

Inputs by: Milla, May, Appi, Jepoy, Koviljka, Paulina, Joy, Juri, Mimi and Annisa.
Inputs - words: depression, bra.
Inputs - sentences/more words: climb the tree, he didn´t give us many details, I am god and you are my minions... muhahahahaha, Hyung I will just give you a slice of my cake, Gosh he loved that ass, no one beside, feel my heartbeat, experimental evidence, Hyung you looked beautiful with that wig and make up!, Here is the rest of us, deadly glare, happy and healthy.
Inputs - generated words: perch, string, tail, scorpion, duck, sword.

“I am definitely not going in there,” Changmin thought to himself when his eyes met the door knob to Jaejoong´s room. “I would rather climb the tree with a sword in my back than running into YunJae again.” The late time he did so was an unforgettable one.

“Hyung, you look beautiful with that wig and make-up!” Yunho said in admiration.
Jaejoong blushed and put Yunho´s hand on his chest: “It made me excited as well. Feel my heartbeat!”
“Is that a bra I feel under your shirt?”
“Not only my bra, right?”

“NO!” Changmin screamed while shaking his head. “I have to get some fresh air!” With that the door to the bedroom opened and Yunho was staring at him with no one beside him. “Is Jae-hyung dressing up again? Gosh, I really need to get out of here!”
“Changmin, where are you running?” Yunho shouted after him. “Where did he go?” he asked Yoochun who just stepped to the hallway to find out how was Jaejoong doing.
“I don´t know,” he shrugged. “He didn´t give us many details and just left. I am not his mum, hyung, so I didn´t questioned him. And now if you move…”
Yunho shot him a deadly glare when Yoochun sneaked around him to the room to comfort Jaejoong.
“Great, now I am left alone…” A depression cloud started to rise above Yunho´s head but didn´t want to tug his tail underneath him and hide in a corner, waiting until everything is fine to leave the safe area. With Jaejoong angrily closed in his room, that duck outside and the biggest eater God knows where, it was Yunho´s turn to prepare something for dinner. Opening the fridge he found many plastic boxes filled with yummy things but he decided to try something new. Reaching to the freezer he took out some perches tied together by string.
“Finally, time for you guys to shine on our plates!”

-in the meantime somewhere in the city-
“Okay so… Hyung… birthday… think… think…”
Changmin came to the window display of one of many k-pop stores and one item got his attention. It was a fanmade fan with Junsu´s bottom. “Gosh, hyung loved that ass!”
Yes, it has a past tense… Junsu lost some weight and ever since that time Changmin noticed that Yoochun was no longer staring on the said butt. Instead of that he did his best to stay away from it.
“Hmm… I don´t think Yoochun would like to have this fan now... He didn´t even like the scorpion I gave him two years ago… Geez, he has no style! Scorpions are so sexy!”
Leaving the street full of k-pop fans that were bashing and spazzing over them here and there, Changmin soon lost his way.
“Yoochun was not pleased even when I said that I will just give him a slice of my cake last year…” Changmin´s mood dropped. He had no idea what to buy for his hyung. But suddenly he remembered that they agreed to buy something crazy and not really worth it. That made him jump from the stairs that, for a while, became his home as his legs hurt so much (only after walking for a short distance). He run to the closest convenience store so no one would notice him. Paying quickly for the drink he then run out as if there was fire behind him, almost knocking someone on his way.
“Ehhh…huh…. Geeeeeeez… that was close!” Patting heavily he sat in the nearest park and looked on the treasure hidden in the bag. “Hehe,” he grinned and removed the cover of the bottle.
“Do you want to have a happy and healthy forehead? Drink this amazing substance everyday!” Changmin scribbled on the bottle. “Experimental evidence showed a super power of this-“
“You didn´t hear me shouting at you before?” a voice startled him.
Changmin immediately hide the bottle back into the bag.
“Who are you?!”
“It is me, Junsu,” his hyung showed his eyes behind a pair of black glasses. “Someone was trying to kill you before?”
“No, why?”
“You run for your life,” Junsu chuckled and sat next to him. “Is that something to drink? Can I?”
“No you can´t!” Changmin rudely took the bag from him. “It´s mine!”
“Really, hyung? Even if I were dying you wouldn´t share your food with me?”
Changmin didn´t need time for thinking.
“Of course not!”
“You are so mean!”
“I am not. Didn´t you hear that dying people are not allowed to drink water?”
“They always let them drink in movies,” Junsu pouted.
“They are fools. Trying to kill their relatives!”
“Indeed they are,” Changmin smiled wickedly.
“I meant you!”
“Look,” Changmin quickly draw five crooked characters into the sandy ground.
Junsu started laughing. “What is that?”
“This is me,” Changmin pointed at one of the biggest characters. “These smalls are you.”
“What?” Junsu looked on the diagram closer. “So you are saying you are up here and… here is the rest of us? Down below you?”
“Yes. I am god and you are my minions… muhahahahaha!”
“I don´t want to be below you, hyung, sorry.”
“You want to be below Yoochun, I know.”
“Wut?!” Junus´s cheeks reddened. “You… you… devil man!”
“I am sorry! I am sorry!” Changmin laughed when he tried to hide from Junsu´s fists. “I think sometimes fans´ imagination takes over me. Don´t tell me it never happened to you?!”
“It did,” Junsu agreed with a big dose of hesitation. “That was why I gave Yoochun… that book…”
Changmin´s eyes opened in surprised. “You gave it to him to test him?”
Junsu looked away. “Something like that…”
“I thought you meant it as a joke. Everyone thought that!”
“And I am glad you thought that way, okay?”
“You should tell him!”
“I won´t!”
“You will!”
“I won´t!”
“Why should I?”
“I think Yoochun should know that.”
Junsu got up. “I don´t think it´s a good idea. Let´s go back I am hungry.”
Changmin frowned at his friend. Denial was not a way how to sort things out. But his stomach started rumbling (again) and so he agreed to head home, hoping Jaejoong was not mad at him anymore and that something yummy awaits there for them.

+++End of chaptie 2+++