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03 April 2014 @ 11:09 am
HB Y-ah! - 01. chapter - Junsu´s hunt  

I asked for 20 inputs but there were 21 inputs so I took them all :)
Inputs made by: Allyson, Milla, Appi, Eqin, Jepoy, May, Joy, Jean Pauline, Nida, Jasmin, Annisa, BT´Pui and Paulina.
Inputs: words: syllogism, floor cloth, snake´s skin, queen, three days, arthritis, microchip, Yoochunnie!, lovebird, greasy, burn.
Inputs: more-words: Junsu´s English vocabulary, one in a million, something to cover his forehead, AJAKJSDNSKDJLA..BAMBAAYYYYYAAAAAA!!!....., suri suri masuri susuri saba, a hat with pink plastic flower on it.
Inputs: sentences: Everything´s expensive. Can´t I just make a cake myself?; You want´ me, I want you!; I am done trying to make this evening magical.; A framed picture of Yoochun´s forehead with TVXQ´s SD on it.

"It is happening. Again." Junsu thought to himself, eyeing his friends suspiciously. The breakfast was delicious, they had a lot to talk about (for example the fact that Yunho was wiping the floor... something very unusual) but still all of them remained silent, thinking hard. Thinking of the weirdest gift for Yoochun. And this thinking had effect on everyone´s actions. Jaejoong was gazing on the tiles, burning the breakfast on the pan; Changmin was not blabbing about everything, he just kept eating silently, and Yunho was wiping the floor furiously, almost making a hole into it. Only Yoochun was not acting as a weirdo. As always, he kept his sleepy face even though he woke up an hour ago, and seemed to be in somehow dazed state. Junsu decided to test him.
“What, Junsu?”
“How are you doing?” Junsu asked him with a smile.
Yoochun glanced at others. “Good… I suppose.”
Junsu grinned. "Got ya! You are totally enjoying this, aren´t you?”
Yoochun turned his attention back to the huge coffee mug in front of him. He had to wake up at least. That made Junsu angry. No one was paying any attention to him and what was worse – they were not talking about the upcoming birthday. Junsu was totally out of ideas when it came to this year´s gift for Yoochun. Only three days were remaining before the Day D and his brain was not giving him any hints. Yoochun was not giving him any hints. The others were not giving him any hints.
“It is so frustrating!”
For how long they have been playing this game? Four year? Five years? He didn´t even remember when they started it. It sounded like a good idea at first but it got quiet stressful during the time. Especially when they in fact didn´t get the desired gifts but some non-useful junk. Junsu tried to remember who came with this “gift hunt”, saying it is a lot of fun.
"Whose idea it was to start this stupid game?!" Junsu asked in an annoyed voice.
Changmin leaned closer to Yoochun, "What is he talking about?"
"I have no idea."
“Maybe he is sleep-talking?”
“You think he is sleeping?”
"Hey, mother Earth calling duckbutt!" Yunho slapped Junsu with a floor cloth to wake him up.
Junsu immediately jumped up. "YA! It is greasy!” He did his best not to touch the smelly grease on his arm.
"Junsu didn´t like it?" Jaejoong looked up from the stove. Seeing the poor boy running to the bathroom he thought Junsu didn´t like the breakfast he prepared for him. "I made more pancakes... Who is going to eat them now?" Hearing that, Changmin got up and claimed the whole plate as his new property.
"I am surprised you asked,” Yunho laughed. “When it comes to food Changmin has no enemy. He is the Food queen.”
"It would be a horrible waste to throw it away!" Changmin defended himself with full mouth. “And if I were to rule a foodland I would be the king, not the queen.”
Yunho turned his eyes to heavens upon hearing another of Changmin´s lectures. He gave him a book of syllogisms as last year´s birthday present. Yunho didn´t even know what a syllogism is but that book gave apparently Changmin the right to comment everything.
"Stop speaking and eat," Yoochun told him and Changmin happily obeyed.
"Are you going to buy me a birthday cake?” the baritone asked, searching in Jaejoong´s eyes for “Yes” answer. The last time this little cook-devil gave him a jelly cake as present. What a jellied revenge! Jaejoong knew well no one would ever eat it. It looked scary! Well… yes, you are guessing right. Changmin didn´t mind it… even though he always thought blue jelly was made by aliens.
“You didn´t like my blue jelly cake last year?” Jaejoong smiled sweetly.
“No, I didn´t,” Yoochun shook his head. “No one liked it. I want a cake. Buy me one!”
“I liked it,” Changmin reminded his presence.
“Not surprised,” Yunho chuckled.
Jaejoong thought a bit. “The cakes are not cheap. Everything is expensive. Can´t I just make a cake myself?”
“If you won´t make any jelly I am okay with that.”
“You got a cake then!” Jaejoong promised, secretly cursing Yoochun for spoiling his new brilliant present. Jaejoong has prepared a balloon cake that would BANG as soon as Yoochun tries to cut it. Jaejoong was giggling like crazy when he got that idea but now it was ruined. He has to save this idea for the next time.
“Whose birthday is next?”
Yoochun´s mood finally rose when he made Jaejoong to agree with baking a cake for him. At least something nice for his birthday.
Changmin was of course happy to hear such a news as well, “Your cakes are the best! And I am sure you will bake a cake that would be one in a million of the best cakes I have ever eaten.”
Jaejoong got a hold of the wooden spoon. “One in a million?! You want to say my cakes are not one in the whole universe?” He sooo wanted to jump on that cookie monster and beat him up but Yunho was faster. He run to Jaejoong and hug him from behind to safe the chatty maknae.
Jaejoong was fighting to get free soon. “You have to tell my cakes are the best in the world or else I won´t cook anything for you!” he screamed.
Changmin´s face got paler “I didn´t say your cooking is bad.”
“You said it!”
“I didn´t!”
“You did!”
“I did not!”
“I think I will leave you two lovebirds alone,” Yoochun got up. “Yunho be brave,” he pat the leader´s shoulder before quickly disappearing, leaving the leader to deal with the situation.

-In the meantime-
On the way from the bathroom Junsu glanced over the door to Yoochun´s room and he immediately stop in his steps. When their friends were not helping him to think of the gift, he has to go to find out himself. He stood in front of the door for a while, listening to the sounds from the kitchen. Seemed his mates broke into their talkative self.
“Holy microchip and I am not even there,” Junsu sighed. He pulled the door open and then quietly closed them behind his back. The room was tidy and a bit smelly. Despite the fact Yoochun got the room with a small balcony he was still smoking inside, driving Yunho crazy with that.
“What should I give you?” Junsu asked himself in a low voice and started exploring the room. At first he didn´t see it but when he found one he gradually found all of the: all the crazy gifts they gave to Yoochun were somehow displayed in the room.
“He is probably the only one who is not ashamed of them.”
Junsu took the box with arthritis pills and smiled. It was given to Yoochun by Changmin in the year Yoochun was complaining how old he was. In the same year Junsu gave Yoochun a supporting walking stick. Another step and Junsu bumped into bag. It was a nice shoulder bag, made from snake´s skin, gift that Yoochun got three years ago from Jaejoong. It would be a great gift if the bag was not in pink color. Junsu bet Jaejoong sprayed it pink because he never saw bags in such a reflective color. Actually, when it came to pink gifts Yoochun collected the most of them. Yunho gave him a hat with pink plastic flower on it some time ago. The hat was a horrible joke. It was way too big for Yoochun or for any other person so when you were wearing it your whole head was covered.
“Seems Yoochun is now using it as a trash bin,” Junsu chuckled when he spotted the said hat in the corner filled with dirty clothes to be washed. His eyes followed the track of the lamp that was standing just next to the pile of used clothing and saw a framed picture of Yoochun´s forehead with TVXQ´s SD on it. It was a gift from Junsu to Yoochun. He remembered the time as if it was yesterday.

“What the hell SD means?” Changmin asked.
Jaejoong exclaimed: “We all look like being smashed by electricity!”
“I think it is funny… but scary as well,” Yunho shared his opinion.
“SD stands for sudden dead. We all died on Yoochun´s forehead,” Junsu explained.
Yoochun looked at him shocked. “And that means what?”
“I have no idea,” Junsu laughed.
They then spent a nice evening laughing on all the option of deaths that could be cause by Yoochun´s wide forehead. And do you think Yoochun did not strike back? He did! By giving Junsu a book titled “Junsu´s English Vocabulary”. The first page held Yoochun´s handwriting saying: “First chapter: How to get a girl? One phrase that ensures it: You want me, I want you!”

“Junsu?” a voice from behind startled Junsu, dragging him from the memories of the past. He lost hold of the picture and still shocked shouted: “AJAKJSDNSKDJLA..BAMBAAYYYYYAAAAAA!!!..... Long time no see!“
Yoochun laughed. “What are you doing here?”
“I am… I was…” His eyes found the picture. “OH NO!” Junsu wanted to collect all the glass shards but Yoochun stopped him.
“You will cut your fingers. Wait I will get something so we won´t get hurt.” Yoochun looked around and took the hat with pink plastic flower, threw the clothing out of it (making a total mess on the floor) and then started putting the shards into the hat, using one of his shirts to protect his fingers.
“I am sorry.”
“Do not worry about it.”
“The picture is not worth the place on the wall anyway,” Junsu laughed to raise the mood because he thought he heard sad emotions in Yoochun´s voice.
“I like it,” his friend admitted.
“You like it?”
“How can you like something so… ugly?”
“My forehead is ugly?” Yoochun looked at him.
“You are welcome.”
Yoochun put all the glass shards into the hat and once he made sure there was not a single shard to step on later he packed the hat into a nice bundle. “You know what? I think you hate this birthday game we put up but I like it. Believe it or not. I do not mind what gifts you are going to give me as long as we will still remain friends.”
“So… I can destroy your CD collection as a little birthday gift and you will still like me?”
Yoochun laughed. “Dare doing that!”
“But I don´t know what to give you this year,” Junsu whined.
“Anything or nothing.”
“You are not helping me!”
“How about a new hat? I won´t be able to use this one,” Yoochun said. The hat was for sure too soft for all the small shards. It would be dangerous to put clothes into it again.
“A new hat? I can´t repeat any idea. That´s against the rules.”
“We didn´t set any rules,” Yoochun reminded him.
“That is right! I will buy something to cover his forehead then! But not a hat… I have a perfect gift in mind right now!”
“I am sorry but I have to go now. Again, I am sorry for breaking the frame. I´ll buy you a new one and do not worry it won´t be as your birthday gift so you can use it.” With that Junsu left the room. Shopping was waiting for him!
Yoochun followed after him with the hat full of dangerous glass fragments. He wanted to throw it away but almost drop it when Jaejoong run around him to his room, shouting: “I am done trying to make this evening magical! He has no manners!”
“Hyung, it is morning not evening.”
“Shut up!” Jaejoong retorted.
“What happened to him?” Yoochun asked Yunho who was only a few steps after Jaejoong.
“Ask Changmin.”
Yoochun looked confused. When he left them he was sure they will reconcile soon. These fights were a common thing in their little family but it was apparently not that small this time.
“Hey Yunho!” He shouted just before the leader grabbed the doorknob. “Try dancing suri suri masuri susuri saba to Jaejoong. He will surely feel better.”
Yunho only gave him a disgusted look before disappearing in the room.
„Can you tell me what happened when I was not here?“ Yoochun asked as soon as he stepped into the kitchen. Changmin was sitting on the same chair, half-eaten pancakes on his plate.
“I don´t know,” he said.
Yoochun could tell Changmin was shocked by how the situation turned out as well. He put the hat into the bin and sat across the table from Changmin. “Tell me.”
“I just said his cakes are not the best I´ve ever eaten. My grandmother is making the best ones. And he just got mad.”
“What else did you tell him?”
“Well… I might say that if he gets older his cooking might be better…”
“What? I said it as a joke!”
“Do you think Jaejoong took it as a joke?”
Changmin shook his head.
“You better apologize to him or else I won´t get my cake for my birthday,” Yoochun told him. “And we all know the cake would be the only good and useful thing I will get on my birthday,” he smiled, making Changmin´s mood better.
“You are right. It´s your birthday soon. I should apologize to hyung but later.”
“I think you should do it now.”
“Yunho followed Jaejoong into his room. I am not going in there!”


Paulina: I tried searching for some ideas of what the "SD" could mean and I bumped into this: http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/SD

For those who want to know how Changmin got the idea that aliens are making blue jelly:
I just remembered the drabble while writing this.

vede on April 7th, 2014 07:12 am (UTC)
Those acronyms of SD are indeed crazy sometimes XDD But I liked what you used for it ^^!

It is so long, wow! I love it ^^ I am really curious as what will he get. a headband that covers his forehead? XD Really intersting XD And I liked the ideas of JJ;s cakes XD Alien cake? I'd eat it even tho I'm not changmin!:D But why did Uknow slap Junsu with this greasy wet cloth? Poor my baby!

And I somehow cannot understand why JJ and Min always fight. Isn't Min afraid JJ will cook for him no more if he behaves like that?XD
alsiong on April 9th, 2014 02:15 pm (UTC)
Yes, some of the SD words are funny but I think the one I picked is the funniest XD
Long? I did not think so but yes it surely is longer than the GM10W on FB :) That is why I wanted to try this :)
Junsu´s present will be revealed at the end but this "at-the-last-time" revelation won´t apply to all members. Do not worry that you won´t know what they are going to give him.
As for MinXJae fight I think Changmin just said is bluntly and Jaejoong took it seriously :D
U-Know slapped Junsu to "wake him up" since they thought he was talking nonsenses because he was still half-asleep. But yes you are right. I would slap Yunho across the face with the floor cloth if he do that to me XD Bad me.
sakuramochi5 on April 9th, 2014 04:06 pm (UTC)
My cheeks are hurting from smiling so much!!
good one unnie!!
food queen??XDDD...now someone should really say that to Min!!!may be i will try..XDD
lolz...and SD??HAHAHA...sudden death...on Chun forehead!!HAHAHAHAH
alsiong on April 9th, 2014 06:17 pm (UTC)
I am so happy I made your day better <3
SD - sudden death NOT "on Chun forehead" but "by Chun forehead" XD That means Chun´s forehead caused the death XDDDD
I am going to ask for the inputs for the chapter two as soon as there are at least 6 comments/feedbacks on this - since there were around 10 people who made the inputs - I want to see they at least read it :D
Milla Nurdiana on April 17th, 2014 02:20 am (UTC)
i can`t..
Terry. U. make me laughed like crazy this early morning... XDDD
i just read it on my way to work on the bus X'D AAAH..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMO kekekekee DAEBAK!!! XD okay i can`t say anything again.. HAHHAHAHAHAHA XDD perfectly funny~~~ kekkekekekeke X'D aaah okay, my stomach hurt now. okay bye. XD
alsiong on April 18th, 2014 09:06 am (UTC)
Re: i can`t..
Did I?
I am happy to hear it! :D
I am happy to make other people happy, you know :) I hope more feedback will come so I can ask for the inputs for the next chapter. Who knows how this turn out to be?
CassandraOT5 on April 20th, 2014 01:50 pm (UTC)
Super Funny
OMG Sun!!!!!! This is really funny. You make me smile so wide the whole time while reading this. And I love JunSu soooo much in this chapter.. and YunHo scraping the floor furiously... LOL XD Everyone doze off for the gifts..... :D For "Suri Suri Masuri Su Su Ri Sa Ba" I thought you might use in a sentence like "Try saying the magic word 'Suri Suri Masuri Su Su Ri Sa Ba', may be the gift will appear magically" or something :P Anyway, can't wait for the 2nd chapter 'cuz the 1st chapter is super amazing. You are a really amazing writer.

Edited at 2014-04-20 02:00 pm (UTC)
alsiong on April 20th, 2014 02:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Super Funny
I am really happy you liked the first chaptie :)
Oh I see! Well I was not sure how to use that until the time when Yunho followed Jaejoong XD
Anyway, if you have another magical sentence in pockets, you can give them to me once I ask for he inputs for chapter 2. Hope it is going to be soon. I want the people who inputted read it :D Seems they are either busy or not interested :D
I think I will just ask for the inputs now...hmm.... maybe people do not know yet what is this all about!
Thank you for your nice comment! Off to write the "asking post" :D